Found in “The Bangkokian”, 18 January 2006:

The Wild Ones: Maeow and his motorcycle gang roam down a dusty road in Roi Et. Who needs helmets?Where were the traffic police on Tuesday when a mysterious marauding motorcycle gang blasted their way down a dusty road in Ban Jor Kor, Amphoe At Samart, Roi Et? The leader of this motorcycle gang is believed to be Maeow Charan 69.

A photo shows that this gang of “Wild Ones” has no respect for traffic laws. The traffic police should conduct an investigation as follows:

1. Did the leader of the motorcycle gang or any of his posse carry motorcyclist licenses? Many believe that they did not because Maeow and his gang prefer to ride in Mercedes-Benz limousines.

2. Why didn’t they wear helmets? Meow wore nothing on his head, but some gang members did sport baseball caps.

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Note: The reckless motorcycle driver in the photo is Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra during his 5-day Reality TV publicity stunt in the North-eastern Thai province of Roi Et.