R-U-GOA nice little piece of “Tinglish” (Thai English) I found in R-U-GO magazine (which calls itself “The first in-flight and ground service magazine). You can find it in some of Bangkok’s Taxis. Enjoy…

When our parents were young, Hua Hin was the top tourist attractions where many families took a visit on holidays, including couples who want to raise the sweet. This beautiful beach had inspired the artists to compose lots of songs and stories. Till today, the charm of Hua Hin never vanishes off the face of the earth.
The children teasing noise calmed down in the passenger room that can carry out people up to 11 of the Toyota Ventury car. Toyota Ventury is splendid and tranquil enough for two children to sleep blissfully in the mother’s embrace while his father performing a driver of this elegant car, but save the petrol incredibly. When we first reached Hua Hin, it was not the picture of blue clear sky and a wide sea that we thought. The lights of the night came up to paint this little city instead. It may be tomorrow that we would see the familiar Hua Hin again.
The fluorescent on the sky woke us up to the new day refreshingly. We walked along the beach and took pictures of the beauteous of Hua Hin sea with the harmony of sky, sea and the sun.
As the troops could go on with the meal, we drove Toyata Ventury to find something to eat. The perfect car with its components and glamour had attracted all eyes in the city. The soft and comfortable genuine leather of the cushion made us sleep again before we arrived at Chatchai market, the famous and old market for eaters where locates “Jek Piek” restaurant. There are many kinds of foods in that restaurant from foods, drinks, tea and coffees, to desserts. When we were full, we continued moving by that same vehicle and I then laid down my body to sleep on the cushion to the space-up pose that can adapt individually.
Before reaching the mouth of Pranburi river, the two sides along the road are covered with the pine apple plantations which is so attractive. The Pranburi beach is so different from Hua Hin. The villagers’ lifestyle is easy, some of them were concentrating picking the squids and oysters from the boat. Fresh food at Pranburi is cheaper than the market.
The next day of Hua Hin trip began again. This time we drove directly from Pranburi to Hua Hin which is about 20 km. far. It was not over an hour to reach Khao Takiab, another hi-light attractions of Hua Hin. The view from the top hill let us see the city more obvious and broader. While seeing the landscape the travel partners asked us to go to respect the Buddha on Khao Takiab temple. The temple is the old symbolic temple of Hua Hin city. Next to the temple is the place of Buddha’s footprints. Another side of the hill is the place for holy Guan Im goddess gorgeous statue. So, our partners who have a strong faith in religion walked there to pay the homage to Guan Im goddess and prayed for prosperity in lives.
We drove down from the hill to the ground of Khao Takiab beside the beach. I glanced at a group of people walking up to the hill patiently against the sun, and thus I turned my face to see at that direction. The result was I saw a big stand Buddha statue fronting his holy face to the sea in order toward off the devils and ravages that would occupy the city as today the sky was clear and the sea was tranquil without any winds.
As here I thought on my side that all good things that happened meant that Hua Hin is always awaiting for every travelers to discover.