Today we had to leave Ko Lipe. Check-in for the boat was at 8:30 am, departure at 9:00 am. The ferry boat was actually coming from Langkawi in Malaysia, going to Ko Lanta via Ko Lipe, Ko Bulone, Ko Muk and Ko Ngai. The price for the one-way trip Ko Lipe – Ko Lanta is 1600 Baht per person.

In order to get to the ferry we needed to take a longtail and them climb onto the ferry, which was a bit adventurous, as usual. The inside of the boat looked a bit like a wide-body plane, and it’s got 116 seats. Even though the boat looked flashy and cool from outside, the inside was different. You could smell the thousands of sweaty travellers who had used this vessel before us. Besides, I’m not sure when was the last time they cleaned that boat, and I also saw quite a few cockroaches. But at least the damn thing was pretty fast. We reached Ko Bulone at 10:20.

I had intended to stay inside the boat in order not to stress my sunburn too much, but the smell was unbearable. The aircon tried its best but did not manage to beat the smell. So at last I went to the upper deck, where you’ve got no protection from the sun. Actually, it was not too hot up there, because the speed of the boat was good enough for a refreshing breeze, but I was clearly afraid of burning my skin. But then again, the view was great. There are lots of small and not-so-small islands here that already look a little bit like the ones in Phang-nga bay.

After passing Ko Talibong we reached Ko Muk (or Ko Mook) at …, where of course again the treacherous longtail transfer to the beach took place. The beach looked quite nice, we could see a rather large resort with a swimming pool behind the trees. The resort looked well-planned, since it didn’t spoil the natural character of the island.

A few minutes later we reached Ko Ngai. We didn’t have to practise our balace again, because Ko Ngai Resort has a pier, so there’s no need to use longtails for the transfer. Those who don’t stay at Ko Ngai Resort will have to pass a treacherous trail along the rocks to reach the main beach where most of the accommodation is located – pretty dangerous when you have to carry heavy bags.

Noom and I didn’t have to do that because we were staying at Ko Ngai Resort. Right after check-in we had to realize we also had to do some hiking because our bungalow was on a hill, overlooking the bay. Great view, but pretty hard to get up there in the midday heat.

After taking a short rest we walked along the trail to the main beach. The beach looks good, not many guests there, but actually it was rather late in the afternoon so we didn’t explore the area but just stayed under the first tree we could find and slept for a while.