Today we joined another boat trip. This time two groups of Thai students were also on board, so we were 12 persons plus 2 guides plus our boatman. So this trip was less comfortable than the trip two days before, but it was still ok. I wouldn’t recommend to take more people than that on a longtail boat.

Our first stop was a snorkeling location off Ko Hin Ngam.

Next we went to see the beautiful stones at Ko Hin Ngam again, which was not very interesting for Noom and me, because we had already seen it. We realized there were much more people on the island this time, mostly Thai groups. We had planned to take a look at the soft corals at Ko Jabang next, but there were too many people at that place so we gave it a miss and headed for Ko Yang instead, which was a really good place to snorkel as well.

Next we stopped at White Sand Beach at Ko Rawi for lunch. The water at the beach was literally littered with longtail boats, and the campground was crowded with Thai tour groups. When we found out that these groups were planning to go to exactly the same places we wanted to go to, Man decided we stay longer at White Sand Beach to avoid the crowds. Noom and I preferred to stay on the beach anyway, so we really liked that decision. So I went exploring the corals right at the beach (which are actually really nice) and later took a nap while Noom slept during all of our stay.

I must say the longtails boats here at Tarutao/Lipe are starting to annoy me. Their engines appear to be much older and noisier than at Krabi. They kinda spoilt that beautiful scenery at White Sand Beach because they were constantly moving in and out of the area, so you could never enjoy a moment of tranquility. Another noise ingredient were the tour groups. Thais, as gentle as they may be when you talk to them, tend to get very noisy when they travel in groups. Ko Rawi was no exception to this.

Our next stop was Laem Song at Ko Adang, which is the National Park’s campground there, but before we got there, we stopped at Ko Jabang to see the Soft Coral. This time there was no current, the water was clear and the colors of the corals really bright and beautiful, but unfortunately I could not dive down to take some close-up photos because the water above the coral was full of tourists and there was a big chance of hitting someone on the way up.

Ko Adang’s beach was not as not crowded. What a relief! While the others in our group hiked to some view point where you’re supposed to get a nice view of Ko Lipe, Noom and I decided to sleep on the beach. The sand here is not as nice as at Ko Rawi, it’s rather shredded corals and shells than sand. But nonetheless, there’s a lot of shade and the water is clear. The beach is rather steep, not shallow as most Thai beaches. It seems the beach option we had chosen was a good one, because the other members of our group didn’t look too impressed with the view. We stayed until 5:30 pm then went back to Ko Lipe.