Today my office was closed due to Chinese New Year. My girlfriend had to work, so I decided to realize my old plan: walking through Bangkok. In the past, I often saw interesting looking streets while zooming past in a taxi, which made me want to take my time and discover everything up close.

I started from Central Chidlom, my destination was Yaowarat (Chinatown) because I expected to see some kind of New Year’s celebration there. I planned not to take the direct way, but instead to make a detour via the old town center. The route to get there was flexible: if a soi looked interesting, I wanted to follow it, keeping in mind the overall direction.

So, here’s the route I took:
Central Chidlom – New Petchaburi Road – Lan Luang Road – Ratchadamnoen Klang Road – Dinso Road – Mahannop Road – Phraeng Nara Road – Atsadang Road – Ban Mo Road – Chak Road – Tri Phet Road – Pahurat Road – Soi Wanit (Sampeng Lane) – Yaowarat Road – Charoen Road – Kao Lan Road – Soi Sukhon 2 – Traimit Road – Hualamphong

In total, according to Google Earth, I covered 11.52 kilometers on foot. Don’t ask about the condition of my lungs. And besides, I’ve always had suicidal tendencies.

But let’s go into detail.
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Foreigners warned about Saturday’s Anti-Thaksin demonstration

The U.S. Embassy in Thailand on Thursday warned American citizens to stay away from an anti-government rally planned Saturday in Bangkok for fear of violence.

Follow the link for more information: Foreigners Warned Of Saturday’s Anti-Thaksin Demon – Thailand Forum

Reisewarnung der amerikanischen Botschaft Bangkok:
Vorsicht, bei der am Samstag (4.2.2006) geplanten Demonstration gegen die Regierung Thaksin könnte es zu gewalttätigen Ausschreitungen kommen. Veranstaltungsort ist der Platz rund um das Reiterstandbild des Königs Rama V. in der Ratchadamnoen Nok Road, Bezirk Dusit. Da nicht bekannt ist, ob die Demonstranten vorhaben, den Platz zu verlassen und einen Zug durch die Stadt zu machen, sollte die Gegend besser weiträumig gemieden werden.

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